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I’m Mandisa.

Welcome to my blog!

Over the years, I have collected a plethora of stories, poems, and other literary work that I would like to share with you. Although some pieces show more maturity than others (as offended as she may be, my 10-year-old self wasn’t always the star writer she thought she was), every single piece of writing is something I am proud of. I hope you enjoy looking at my blog, and see the small pieces of my mind gleaming through the words.

My Most Recent Work


When people asked me how I was, I watched my answers go from I’m great to I’m good to I’m fine to TBD.

The Train Station

“A new passenger has arrived at the station.” The voice bounced off the walls behind me as the stone bricks dug into my back Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Was I going to move? No. The pain didn’t compare to the exhaustion I felt. The corner of my eye caught his silhouette. It was hard to…


The end is never truly the end For her eyes may close, but her life extends. If you knew her kindness, You would know it was the kindest soul anyone could possess.

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